People in the Lab

Royette Tavernier, P.h.D. Director, S.P.A Lab

Our research program is supported by a dedicated team of undergraduate students who are passionate about psychosocial research on sleep and psychosocial adjustment.

Current Research Assistants

Tamare V. Adrien

Tamare is a senior (‘19) from Boston, MA. She is a McNair Fellow and Questbridge Scholar double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience and Behavior. Her interests include music, playing volleyball, and participating in various identity groups on campus. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology after Wesleyan.

Lauren Conte

Lauren Conte obtained her BA in Psychology (with a minor in Data Analysis and Education Studies). She is particularly interested in social psychology, educational psychology and the study of sleep. Lauren was a member of the Varsity Swim and Club Water Polo teams at Wes. She is currently pursuing her MA in Psychology.


Charlotte Curnin

Charlotte is a sophomore (’21) from Far Hills, NJ. She is majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Civic Engagement. Charlotte is passionate about healthcare with specific interests in social and clinical psychology. At Wesleyan, Charlotte is a member of Food Rescue, Clinic Escorts, Wesleyan Refugee Project and also works as a Teaching Assistant for Research Methods in Psychopathology.


Sammi Diep

Sammi is a junior Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience double major from San Francisco, CA. She is interested in exploring cultural (race-ethnicity, immigration) factors related to sleep in the U.S. She is a McNair fellow and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. In her free time, Sammi likes to draw, listen to music, cook, and play League of Legends.                       


Grant C. Hill

Grant is a junior Neuroscience & Behavior and Italian Studies double major from Easton, Connecticut. Grant is interested in the mechanisms by which people cope with adverse life events, and how these coping strategies vary from one culture to the next. In his free time, Grant enjoys exercise, journaling, and composing music.


Jhanelle Thomas

Jhanelle obtained her BA in Psychology and History (double-major). She is currently pursuing her MA in Psychology. Her thesis project examines the psychosocial correlates of social media ghosting. In her free time, Jhanelle enjoys binge-watching shows with friends, ‘brunching’ as a concept, and listening to the same 4 songs on repeat.


Thao T. Phan

Thao is a sophomore (’21) from San Diego, CA. She is pursuing a major in Psychology with a Civic Engagement certificate. She is particularly interested in cross-cultural research. In her free time, Thao enjoys photography as well as watching movies and sunsets.


Denny Yu

Denny is a sophomore (’21) Psychology and Economics double major and Education Studies from Boston, Massachusetts. Denny is interested in the underlying neurological effects of sleep and its links to positive psychology. He is a member of Wesleyan’s Christian Fellowship, Club Soccer, Investment Group, and is a tutor on campus.